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FizzBuzzes in Julia

I came across Gerald Benischke's post on FizzBuzz without if clauses, which inspired me to play around with FizzBuzz in Julia. My attempts aren't nearly as interesting, since they all do feature at least one if clause, but they were still fun to work on. The first attempt is a naïve implementation of FizzBuzz. It's easy to read and it works well enough, but I don't like the fact that there's an explicit case for printing "fizzbuzz"—both the condition and the executed statement are redundant....

March 8, 2021

Tabless Browsing

I wish tabless mode would get more love from browser developers. It was the default design choice for years before tabs showed up. From what I can tell, tabbed browsing was/is popular because the default window managers of popular operating systems are underpowered. On Windows, it's not possible to tab arbitrary application windows without third-party software like TidyTabs or Groupy. In my opinion, the window manager should be taking care of things like tabbing, rather than the application....

March 5, 2021

Making Org-roam work with Hugo's tag system

Recently, I chose to revamp this website using Hugo, due to its relative ease of use and its native support for Org Mode files. Since I have been using Org-roam to manage my personal knowledge base, I thought it would be useful to be able to write blog posts directly as Org-roam notes. By default, Hugo and Org-roam use incompatible tagging systems. Hugo's tag system expects a #+tags[]: property in the front matter, while Org-roam expects a #+roam_tags: property....

February 12, 2021


(40.503683, -74.436483) The Rutgers Rarities team did an investigation of an abandoned industrial site located in Highland Park, NJ. At the time, they did not know who owned the site or what it had been used for. The site was owned by the Midland-Ross Corporation, a manufacturer of various consumer and industrial products. Midland-Ross went through several ownership changes before being bought by Honeywell International. Honeywell is overseeing the remediation of the site....

July 15, 2017


The iNum Initiative is an effort by Voxbone to create an international “country code” for VoIP communication. An iNum number (or simply an iNum) starts with the country code +883 (allocated by the ITU followed by the “area code” 5100, followed by eight unique digits. For example, my own iNum is +883 5100 0990 4862. iNums serve two purposes/accomplish two goals: They facilitate free calling between VoIP providers. They help ensure that calls between VoIP providers don’t get routed through the PSTN....

July 8, 2015